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How Far Would You Go for a Good Cause?

Nickelback - Rachel Dean

There is brave, and then there is Jesse Carey brave.

Contributing editor of Relevant Magazine, podcaster and twitter-famous, Jesse Carey is also, as it turns out, nothing short of a modern-day martyr who has willingly condemned himself to seven days of nonstop Nickelback music for a week…for charity!

Yes, twenty-four hours, seven days a week from the 16th of February to the 22nd, to raise money for Water, a charitable organization that works to provide safe water in under-developed areas around the world. People do all kinds of things for charity – embarrassing, difficult and even dangerous things and this madness of Jesse Carey, which he summarizes as ‘the ultimate test of human endurance,’ has earned the sympathies and support of many.

The initial target of $5,000 was soon surpassed, as was the later target of $10,000 intended for building a well. The stunt has currently raised more than $25,000 with a few more days of the challenge to go. Jesse Carey’s tweets about this experience clearly reflect his utter discomfort.

“Words that have inspired me during the NickelbackChallenge: Fortitude. Resilience. Perseverance. David Blaine encased in a block of ice.”

“The Nickelback onslaught is wearing me down … I now know why no other human has attempted such a feat.”

Carey insists that the several doctors he consulted prior to undertaking the 168 hours of Nickelback Challenge has deemed the task hazardous for his health and could result in ‘irreversible damage to my ears, brain, kidneys and soul.’

Although it is not certain how many donors actually fully grasp the level of despair Nickelback’s music brings to Jesse Carey, his intentions and the cause he stands for cannot be doubted. Clean water is a privilege that is often under-appreciated in the Western community to the point of being taken for granted. Water is an international organization that works persistently to provide safe water for those who aren’t as fortunate.

100% of the proceeds from the NickelbackChallenge will be donated to further this cause and even though Jesse Carey’s method is somewhat unconventional, to say the least, his heart is in the right place. Meanwhile, for those of you having a bad day, remember this is one gal listening to Nickelback non-stop, as you read this.