Rachel Dean is a Business Professional currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She works within the insurance industry and runs her own business, Horizia Enterprises (in full, Global Unity Management DBA Horizia Enterprises).

Rachel is happily married and has three children; however, she and her family experienced an incredibly tragic loss in 2011. She became pregnant with her third daughter and went into preterm labor during her 8th month of pregnancy. There were some complications during the delivery and her baby, Addyson Grace, passed away. Rachel was utterly devastated but was able to get through this very emotional time by keeping faith and focusing on herself. She developed herself both spiritually and emotionally, which helped her cope with her loss and eventually heal. Two months later she became pregnant with her son and he was born eight months after that in July of 2012. He is her miracle baby and every time she looks at him, she can feel Addison Grace watching over him. Rachel truly feels complete now.

One of Rachel’s greatest passions is her involvement in charity work. She has been involved in many charities including St. Judes Ranch in Boulder City, Nevada as well as No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry in particular has a special place in her heart as it helps feed children in need. In addition to this, Rachel recently founded the “Addison Grace Foundation” in loving memory of her daughter. The foundation aims to help families who have lost newborns and experienced stillbirths. Rachel feels that experiencing a stillbirth really is a silent pain that mothers and families go through; people don’t talk about it as openly as with other losses, which can make it very hard to heal. Through the “Addison Grace Foundation”, Rachel has donated several memorable items to hospitals in an effort to give parents a precious memory. These items include glass angels, handmade baby blankets, baby rings, baby hats, etc. The hospitals give these items out to parents when they lose a child. By doing this, the foundation can not only offer their condolences but can serve as a support group for families who need someone to talk to after experiencing such a great loss; specifically someone who has experienced the same trauma and can truly identify with the situation.

Additional interests of Rachel’s include fitness, meditation, clean eating and cooking/baking with her children. To learn more about Rachel, please take a look at her other websites.